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Apparently not:

If this Essay serves no other purpose, I hope it serves to debunk, for any readers who persist in believing it, the myth that locking your trunk will keep the cops from searching it. Based on th number of my students who arrived at law school believing that if you lock your trunk and glove compartment, the police will need a warrant to search them, I surmise that it’s even more widespread among the lay public. But it’s completely, 100% wrong.

H/T:  Above the Law.


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The good news:

I killed my run and I remembered my password for this blog.  Take that, hackers.

The bad news:

The Koch brothers are suing Cato and, if successful, would gain majority control over the think tank. I’m stating, for the record, that I am entirely on Team Cato.

Also in bad news, Fun. has incorporated auto-tune into much of its most recent album release:  Some Nights. Why, Fun., why?

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